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For Some the Clouds Become Solid Ground 

For ArtNight Dundee, InWith Programme.
Curated by Nomas* Projects
Live Performance and Installation
(Performance with tyroneisaacstuart)

24 June 2023. Live Performance, 2x30 minutes (8.30pm and 10.30pm) in Slessor Gardens, Dundee.

Installation 24 June to 17 August 2023, NOMAS Gallery, Dundee


For Some the Clouds Become Solid Ground was a collaboration between (dance) artist Sarah White and interdisciplinaire tyroneisaacstuart. Both artists utilise improvisation, creating spaces of contemplation and participation for both the performers and audience. The visual exhibitions drew from tyrone and Sarah’s collaborative and individual archives of sound, text, movement, images and objects. 

Works were shown across Dundee at Slessor Gardens, Nomas* Projects, South Union Street poster site and the video wall at Yeaman Shore.

"...This is emblematic of the kind of magical experience which continued throughout the evening... saxophone playing and mesmerising dance by Sarah White and tyroneisaacstuart in Slessor Gardens as the light eventually faded and a quarter moon grew bright. This last was organised by Dundee-based Nomas Projects, part of the multi-faceted grassroots InWith programme. These are the experiences which linger when one wakes up the next morning to a cloudy sky and wonders if one didn’t dream it all." Susan Mansfield, The Scotsman

NOMAS Gallery

Installation shots and details. Air dry clay, bungee elastic, hollow eggs, chalk, book, hand bell, cardboard, pencil on paper drawings, video film.

An installation of relics, memories and documentation from the performance He Whom You Shall Love Is Absent by Sarah White, with tyroneisaacstuart. Performed first on 15 April 2023 at The Swiss Church London (supported by the Arts Council DYCP fund). The performance was developed in collaboration with artist duo Gardner and Gardner and many of the objects seen here were offered into the work by them.

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