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Connect and Grow

Performance and Installation
Siobhan Davies Studios
The Garden Museum, Lambeth, 2015
Performance, 30 minutes.
Choreographic Concept & Assistance: Sarah White (Adams). Choreography & Performance: Aura Saxen, Emily Greenhalgh & Emily Robinson. Choreographic Assistance: Charlotte Spencer & Rachel Attfield.
Installation: cress, soil, acrylic on paper painting, mdf box, pencil and charcoal on paper.

Connect & Grow was a group exhibition bringing together a collective body of work from five artists. Combining the artists’ diverse practices, including painting, photography, digital imagery and video projection, they investigated the link between choreography and horticulture, movement and change, the natural and the man-made. 

Sarah worked with dancers from the Siobhan Davies Next Choreography course; giving them drawings which could act as a type of choreographic score. From here they developed a durational performance shown at the Garden Museum, Lambeth on 23 Jan 2015. These choreographic drawings were displayed as part of the exhibition and translated into seed formations for the growth of a bed of cress.

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