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Exodysis I - Performance

 Performance with tyroneisaacstuart, sculptural installation by Abel Shah
Nov 2021. Live Performance, 90 minutes
The Swiss Church, London. Supported by Camden Giving.

Exodysis I is an open-ended sculptural installation created by Abel Shah for their residency at The Swiss Church. The work 'invites others to engage, leave traces and create memories within the installation.

'The body of work has developed alongside ongoing dialogues with fellow practitioners and collaborators by thinking about how meaning and relationships are built through language and exploring alternative ways of communicating. By using materials which make up the cocoons of our everyday environments and recent histories, the sculptures start to act as symbols of the layeredness of our own skins and experiences.' Abel Shah


As part of Exodysis I, Abel Shah invited artists Sarah White and tyroneisaacstuart to embark on a conversation through movement during a 90min live performance with and amongst the sculpture installation. The installation was left imbedded with the marks and traces of the performance for the remaining duration of the exhibition. 


"We were witness to an outstanding performance at the Swiss Church in November last year during the private viewing of Abel Shah’s sculptural installation ‘Exodysis I'. Sarah and Tyrone very quietly started capturing the attention of the room as they bravely responded to the works on show through expressive movement. We watched quite mesmerised over an extraordinary length of time (90 minutes) as the mostly silent and sensitive performance built up to a shocking loud climax that included a mixture of electronic music and live saxophone." 


Mary Branson and Julie Hoyle co Chairs of the Swiss Church London Art Committee.

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