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Sarah White | Artist Portfolio Page 

Featured Exhibitions
1. Exodysis I, The Swiss Church, London, 2021
2. You Shall Only Go Up and Not Down, St John's Church Keswick, 2021
3. Traces of An Absent Body, The Round Room, Koppel Project Holborn, 2020
4. "Touch me Not": The Stand-in, The Decoy and The Redeemer, Husk Coffee and Creative Space, London, 2019

Exodysis I

Keswick 2021 3rd week_0714_edited.jpg
The Swiss Church, London, 2021, 90 minute performance, with Abel Shah and tyroneisaacstuart

"We were witness to an outstanding performance at the Swiss Church in November last year during the private viewing of Abel Shah’s sculptural installation ‘Exodysis I'. Sarah and Tyrone very quietly started capturing the attention of the room as they bravely responded to the works on show through expressive movement. We watched quite mesmerised over an extraordinary length of time (90 minutes) as the mostly silent and sensitive performance built up to a shocking loud climax that included a mixture of electronic music and live saxophone." 


Mary Branson and Julie Hoyle co Chairs of the Swiss Church London Art Committee.

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You Shall Only Go Up and Not Down

St John's Church Keswick, 2021, 60 minute performance, with tyroneisaacstuart. Projection, Ikea Klippan Sofa, Radio Mics, Paper Script.
Keswick 2021 3rd week_0732 no border.jpg

"Sarah collaborated with tyroneisaacstuart in the performance of an improvised narrated piece of dance that explored the ideas and experiences of the bodily separation and participation in each other and in the Body of Christ, with a special regard to the place that loss and distance have as an arena of encounter. The piece was a fine example of intercultural conversation that brought contemporary dance into the space of a traditional church building and to a new audience. It was also a deeply moving piece - at the conclusion, there was a sense that the audience had not just attended a performance, but had encountered something both human and transcendent. 


Rev. Pete Gunstone

Keswick 2021 3rd week_0743_edited.jpg
Keswick 2021 3rd week_0740_edited.jpg
Keswick 2021 3rd week_0709_edited.jpg

Sarah’s work is at once visceral and intensely well observed. In a deeply personal, professional and accomplished performance in Keswick 2021, I and the audience experienced an arresting range of emotion, reflection and challenge: characterised through an alliance of intricate choreography and instinctive movement. The seamless and effective melding together of spoken word, soundscape and movement; the thoughtful use of space in the venue - all centred around the presence and heft of the sofa prop - brought to us a tangible sense of burden, wrestling, surrender, triumph and failure. This was a performance of vulnerability and gravitas that spoke of an artist committed to exploring her creative practice and sharing the heart and soul of her work.


Gareth Davies-Jones, Singer Songwriter

Keswick 2021 3rd week_0730_edited.jpg

Traces of An Absent Body

The Round Room, Holborn (The Koppel Project Residency), 2020, 45 minute performance, with tyroneisaacstuart and Nikolai Azariah. Salt, Ikea Klippan Sofa, Steel Ladder, Incense, Foam, Fabric Sofa Cover, Goggles, Edible Paper, Sound Installation.

"Touch me Not": The Stand-In, The Decoy and The Redeemer

"Mind-bending, stomach-churning lecture!"

Michael Coppelov, Turps Painting Programme Alumni
Husk Coffee and Creative Space, London (Morphe Arts Make Good Lecture Series), 2019, 60 minute performance, with tyroneisaacstuart. Ikea Klippan Sofa, Foam, Fabric Sofa Cover, Paper Script.
"Sarah's interdisciplinary practice and especially her collaborative approach to art making has always struck me as intelligent, experimental and sensitive. "Touch Me Not:" in collaboration with performer trysoneisaaacstuart - what I like to call performative essay - combined movement, reading and objects, inviting the audience to build connections between theology, art, philosophy and the body in a highly original way. "Touch Me Not" succeeded in touching upon serious subjects such as trauma and redemption while leaving an entrance for viewers own reflections, experiences and perceptions.  Sarah is an extremely generous artist not only on how she thinks about audience engagement but also as a collaborator and peer. I am very excited to see how her practice will develop further."

Giulia Shah (one half of artist duo Abel Shah & Founder/Director at Residency 11:11)
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