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Show Home

Installation and performance.
Shortlisted for the Art Licks Workweek Prize.
The Old Police Station, Deptford, 2017
Collaborative installation with Sarah White and James Watts (RCA MA Interior Design).

The exhibition responded - through installation and performance throughout the cells - to the current situation of the Old Police Station building: a listed Edwardian building currently resisting being converted into commercial housing.

The work explored the absurdity and confusion involved in ideas of home and home-making, domestic coping strategies and embodied practices. The work was built from research into show homes across London, and reflections on the behavioural solutions cultivated in rented accommodation, whereby the bedroom becomes a ‘cell’: a hermitage, an incarceration.

The work existed in the context of London's 'housing crisis', and what the show home represents in the process of home-making. Domestic objects designed to support or comfort the body become objects of restriction and oppression. 

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